Function T-Connect Membership Free Type
Navigation (--) (*)
Operator Service (--)*
Inbox (--)* (--)*
Off-road Map (--) (*)
Qibla Compass (--) (--)
Prayer Times Notification (--) (--)
Spot Search (--)
My Spot (--)
Information (--) (--)

(*)Can be used for one week free of charge.
*The availability of services and the times of service commencement differ in accordance with the country.

Free Type

There are certain restrictions in effect for the T-Connect contents that can be used. In addition to the functions that can be used free of charge, the navigation service can also be used at no cost for a period of one week from the start of usage. It is possible to amend the setting to become a T-Connect member by purchasing the option.

*May not be available in all countries, please consult your dealer.

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