PRIUS 2017


The new Prius merges progressive design with efficiency, technology and quality.

The iconic triangular silhouette retains a distinctively low stance working with the sleek LED lights, and vertical rear combination lamps to create a truly striking exterior.


The high tech, modern interior is enhanced by soft touch materials, cool metallic finishes and unique Prius signature touches.

It’s so incredibly quiet, when idle or even when driving, you enjoy a relaxing, peaceful drive every time you get behind the wheel.

The 10-speaker layout of the JBL audio system was optimized and the speakers meticulously tuned to deliver dynamic clear sound. Its GreenEdge-technology speakers generate powerful output with minimal power consumption.

S-FLOW quickly achieves a comfortable cabin by detecting whether the front passenger and rear seats are occupied and environmental factors such as cabin temperature. By automatically reducing airflow for empty seats, it intelligently maintains both occupant comfort and fuel efficiency.


When carrying the Electronic Key, you can lock/unlock the door and start/stop the hybrid system.

Enables wireless charging of batteries in Qi-compatible smartphones and devices simply by placing them on the charger tray and switching the tray on. An amber indicator illuminates during charging, and turns green when charging is complete.

The large 7-inch touch-screen display with capacitive touch switches enables intuitive use of the audio system. Large easy-to-read illuminated characters and switches, and flick operation contribute to effortless control.

The 4.2-inch color TFTs (Thin Film Transistor) for both the main display and multi-information display are simple, multi-functional and intuitive to use. The content displayed is easily changed using switches integrated in the steering wheel.


As you depress the accelerator, the Prius starts-up using only the motor

The Prius uses the motor and engine to provide optimum driving efficiency. While driving under a light load, it operates using only the motor.

The addition of electricity supplied by the battery boosts driving power.

The wheels drive the motor to generate electricity. Energy is efficiently recovered while decelerating and braking, and used to charge the battery.

Simply press the EV(Electric Vehicle)-Drive Mode switch to drive quietly using only the motor


The Prius is equipped with SRS driver airbag, SRS front passenger airbag, SRS knee airbag (Driver’s seat), SRS side airbags (Front seats) and SRS curtain shield airbags

The system integrates EPS (Electronic Power Steering) with the braking and driving force controls of VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and TRC (Traction Control System), contributing to excellent controllability and driving stability

To assist safe reversing, when approaching vehicles in difficult-to-see areas behind the vehicle are detected, RCTA alerts the driver using a buzzer and an LED indicator in the door mirrors.

When vehicles in adjacent lanes that are not visible in the door mirrors are detected, an LED indicator lights up in the relevant door mirror and starts flashing when the driver activates the side turn signal.

Supports smooth reversing operations when perpendicular or parallel parking, showing the rear view taken by a camera integrated into the rear of the vehicle on the display.


The two power sources working together and combined to create a fresh driving sensation. With the smoothness of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) provides impressive performance and handling that is “Whisper Quiet”

Allows the driver to change between Normal Mode, Eco Mode and Power Mode to suit their driving style.

Features low internal friction and high performance efficiency. Advanced technologies help deliver excellent fuel efficiency in various driving conditions.


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