I heard you have started receiving all Toyota. Can you do the maintenance for US Specification vehicle?
We are sorry to inform you that any vehicle not belonging to GCC specifications, we don’t have sufficient know-how about the repair procedures and also lack adequate tools and equipment to carry out the repair. Also we are not sure about the availability of parts for such vehicles. Due to this reason, we are not able to perform a repair or maintenance for your car
What is the process of renewal vehicle registration book?
- The customer should visit any of Al-Sayer New Vehicle Showroom and get the renewal of third party insurance. Alternatively the customer can purchase the third party insurance from any authorized broker. On renewal of the third party insurance, the brokerage would give a form to visit the traffic department.
- The customer needs to take the vehicle to the traffic department to an area specifically designated to Technical inspection of vehicles. Once the officer inspects the vehicle and approves the vehicle for renewal, the officer would sign the document and give it to the customer.
- The customer would need to take this document, attach a revenue stamp (Approx. 5/10 Dinars) and approach the officer for final approval.
- Depending on the workload/ Working Hours the Officer may accept and provide the necessary approval at the same time or ask the customer to visit later.
Can the customer renew or extend the warranty of the vehicle?
Yes he can, as per the following rules:
- Only first owner of the vehicle can buy extended warranty
- Mileage of the vehicle should not be less than 70.000 km and manufacturing warranty should be remaining at least 6 months.
- Customer must maintain vehicle as per TMC service maintenance schedule and doing regular service in Al-Sayer
What is the warranty on the windshield of vehicle?
There is no warranty on Windshield
If the customer purchased the package from 0 to 30.000 KM can he renew it after that?
Yes he can, and the renewal packages available on the webpage.
What is prepaid package?
Prepaid package is an offer from Al-Sayer to all Toyota new cars, that provides some benefits to the customers
- It saves up to 40% from the total service price.
- The customer has not to worry about the price of service anymore and even if the service price has increased, it will not be affected.
- If the customer sold the vehicle, the package will increase the vehicle value because it will be sold with the vehicle.
A Customer installed a DVD monitor outside Toyota garage and when he knows that his warranty is void, he asked what if he removed that monitor and fixed the original one in the garage?
No, Once the warranty is void it cannot be restored/recovered
If you want to buy a new car from the showroom what are the requirements? And installments?
You cannot take a car if its value is more than 15 times your salary; the rest of the amount has to be paid as down payment. Your overall installments should not exceed 40% of your salary.
What are the required documents to rent a car?
For individuals (YEARLY RENTAL)
- Copy of the CID
- Valid Kuwaiti Driving License (Copy)
- Customer should have visa or Master Card.
- salary certificate
- bank Statement for the Last three month.
For Companies: Commercial License - Paci Certificate - Trade registration paper - Authorized Signature and the copy of his CID Monthly & daily rental: Copy of CID - Driving License."
Is it possible to reschedule service appointment for the same day?
Yes it’s possible.
What we should make sure of before booking an appointment?
We should make sure of choosing the right garage to avoid starting all steps from beginning. We should make sure that there’s no open or valid previous appointment, because in case there’s a valid appointment only we can reschedule it.