Al Sayer Group Holding became mobility partner with Toyota vehicles for first of its kind 90 days GCC Kayak Expedition K2O, which kicked off during November from Kuwait to Oman covering KSA, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.

Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO Al-Sayer Group Holding said “The Arabian Gulf and people of Arabia is having historical soul bond to desert and seas. It’s their tradition, culture, life and livelihood. Be it fisheries, pearl diving or sea adventurers, oceans are always linked, respected and loved by the region. We are committed to support regional initiatives to promote sustainability and social responsibility practices across the region. And an idea of kayaking 2,200 kilometer from Kuwait to Oman became exciting to us especially the whole journey is about being close to the marine environment to create environmental awareness of marine conservation and protection in the region.”

Arabian Gulf marine & costal life – home to diversity:
As per United Nations report, the biodiversity of the Arabic Gulf’s coastal sea-grass, mangroves and coral is threatened by industrial, agricultural and domestic runoff, which contaminates the water with harmful pollutants, including toxins, carcinogens, minerals and thermal pollution. On top of this alarming global warming and unprofessional individual waste dumping is affecting marine ecology with increased endangered species, destroying natural habitat of fisheries and all of this is adversely affecting the region and its inhabitants.

Bashar Al-Huneidi, founder of Kayak4Kuwait comments “Each regional costal line is showing its on change to its habitat; the time has come for us to be loud each other to say, do not pollute our seas with plastics and sewage, don’t suffocate the mangroves and coral reefs which is the life line of marine environment, which is in return ours”.

Toyota 4x4: Reliable mobility partner
Al-Sayer is facilitating the expedition with two support 4x4 vehicles including Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux Pick-up to conveniently move the Kayak team and equipment’s through rough terrain. The ultimate aim is to help kayakers an effortless move on land to accomplish their primary goal, to create awareness on the alarming marine degradation to the government authorities, public & private sector organizations, people living in gulf countries as well as to the young generations who shall be involved.

According to Bader Faisal Al-Sayer Deputy Marketing Manager said “the sustainability of our oceans is synonymous with the sustainability of life itself. To have our seas and the wildlife within them functioning healthily is essential to the well-being of all life on Earth. Such initiatives are wholeheartedly supported at Al Sayer by creating awareness among the customers, employees, societies and with the environmental protection agencies who make great efforts towards such initiatives”.

Al-Sayer Group’s Strategic Commitment Towards Sustainability:
Al-Sayer Group Holding CSR initiatives always consider the four pillars of the sustainability gear in every sustainable initiatives we involve. The four gears represent Economy, Society, Well-being, and Nature - with management integration at the center. To fortify commitment towards Nature, Al-Sayer aims to spread awareness sessions, and the importance of protecting our marine life through more conscious involvement of our society, environmental education through schools, awareness sessions through the government and NGO’s who have deeper influence to demonstrate sustainable practices. Al-Sayer wish to work with Environment Public Authority (EPA) to distribute awareness messages about the new environmental laws aimed at preserving a green and clean environment in the country for the benefit of whole society.