New Prius Wins Admirers

 The amazing New Prius has finally arrived. The world is heavily praising Toyota’s latest release, which is more advanced than anyone could have imagined. Here in the Middle East, the introduction of the Prius is likely to change perceptions about environmentally friendly vehicles while adding a new look to the city streets. 

Stunning Hybrid Performance
The latest Prius model finally made its Middle East debut in February 2016, and doubtless the conversation will immediately turn to the hybrid system at its heart. The Toyota Hybrid System combines a gasoline engine and electric motor to create an unparalleled environmental performance as well as an impressive driving experience. 
The new Prius is about far more than the exceptional fuel efficiency that comes with hybrid technology. The ample torque also delivers exhilarating acceleration that belies the engine’s 1.8-litre displacement. Without a doubt, the Prius represents the pinnacle of hybrid technology and a showcase for new, relevant technologies from Toyota that raise levels of driving performance, convenience and comfort. 
Praise for Performance Evolution
The design of the Prius isn’t the only thing turning heads. The latest model was developed to represent the first wave of Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)—the company’s latest auto- making innovation that makes a fresh start by putting the joy of driving above all else. 
Just imagine pressing the accelerator and silently gaining speed with just the motor. Before you know it, the engine and motor are working together in a way that is almost eerily smooth. The steering wheel responds with precision in the hands as the Prius goes exactly where you want it to go, rounding the turns with delightful handling accuracy. 
With its maiden entry into the Middle East, drivers here are sure to be pleasantly surprised and overwhelmingly satisfied by the entire driving experience. 
Revolutionary Design
The prototype for the Prius was unveiled in September 2015 in Las Vegas. Murmurs of wonder and amazement at its revolutionary new design could be heard bubbling through the media crowds that gathered to see it suspended from wires as it literally descended onto the stage. 
Media reports in the Middle East have also commented on the dramatic makeover of the Prius which has resulted in an edgy, emotional styling that completely overturns people’s established notions. 
Toyota’s commitment to such a memorable, cutting-edge design and the impetus for moving forward with it came from none other than the pioneering hybrid vehicle itself. In fact, the name Prius means “to go before,” and it is in the DNA of the Prius to constantly push the limits of the human imagination.
‘Beautiful Hybrid’
It is no surprise that the hybrid technology in the Prius delivers outstanding environmental performance, but the ‘Beautiful Hybrid’ development concept takes it to the next level in terms of design and driving performance as well—drawing praise from around the globe. 
The development team wanted to give the world fresh value built on cutting-edge hybrid technology, with a design that speaks to the heart, fun-to-drive handling, and a socially responsible presence. A beautiful car for a more beautiful earth—the Prius once again ushers us into the future. 
What fresh revolution will the new Prius bring? It starts with the voices of individuals who experience the vehicle for the first time. And now it’s your turn to join in. Go see a Prius up close, test drive it, and experience its true value for yourself. The car that has charmed people all over the world is sure to capture the hearts of those in the Middle East as well. 
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