Toyota Reshapes the Future of Sustainable Motoring

The fourth generation Prius is here, unveiling the latest version of this global green icon, which takes the hybrid concept further than ever, with striking design, higher expected fuel economy ratings and greater ride comfort. The arrival of the Prius, Toyota’s first hybrid vehicle in the region, reflects Toyota’s mission in engaging with local communities and continuous efforts to contribute to society by making automobiles that lead to a cleaner environment. 
Toyota’s hybrid technology marks a breakthrough in automobile fuel consumption and reflects the company’s commitment to utilizing the technology in driving sustainability forward. The Prius will raise awareness around the premium performance of hybrid technology and will assist in cementing the leading position of alternative energy vehicles. 
Commenting on the arrival of the Prius to the region, Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative of Middle East & North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation, stated, “At Toyota, we firmly believe that technology is a vital enabler for sustainable development. Driven by this belief, Toyota has been working on the future of sustainable motoring by heavily investing in introducing vehicles that are environment friendly and fun to drive. Toyota’s hybrid experience will be extremely rewarding for our customers. Great looks, comfort and space combined with advanced technology, finely tuned aerodynamics and lightweight materials ensure an exhilarating driving performance, world-class efficiencies and ultra-low CO2 emissions. We see great potential in the Middle East for the Prius. We also sincerely appreciate the unwavering support from our customer base for our initiatives to make more environmentally friendly vehicles.” 
In 1993, automotive brands were launching standard cars with basic features. The same year, Toyota invested heavily in developing vehicles with the future in mind. The three environmental challenges that Toyota had addressed included introducing alternative energy sources as opposed to oil, reducing CO2 emissions and preventing pollution. In December 1997, Toyota launched the first generation Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. In 18 years after rolling out the first Prius, Toyota has sold more than 8 million hybrid vehicles worldwide. Today with the launch of the 2016 Prius, Toyota celebrates 56 years of fruitful research and development efforts. 
The two power sources of Toyota’s hybrid technology
Toyota’s hybrid vehicles provide high performance without wasting gasoline, propelled by the synergy between two power sources, which are the gasoline engine and the electric motor. When accelerating, the vehicle uses an electric motor that does not require gasoline to accelerate efficiently and powerfully. In response to driving conditions, the system efficiently combines power from the electric motor and gasoline engine automatically. When the vehicle has stopped, the system also automatically shuts down the engine to avoid wasting fuel during idling. The cumulative effect of preventing gasoline wastage in this manner means Toyota’s hybrid technology can provide dramatically better fuel efficiency than any other vehicle in its class. There is no need to charge the hybrid system battery using external equipment. The hybrid system automatically charges the battery by using electricity generated each time you apply the brakes. Please click on the following link which explains the two power sources
Toyota hybrid not only fits the region’s sustainability agenda, but is also in line with the global direction towards more sustainable and greener communities. The Prius, as a symbol of Toyota’s hybrid technology, will contribute to achieving the new Millennium Sustainable Development Goals, which strive for a healthy lifestyle, taking urgent actions to combat climate change, and ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. The alignment between what is delivered with Toyota’s hybrid technology and the efforts exerted globally to sustain the planet’s resources makes the Prius the perfect car for responsible drivers who are aiming to adopt a more eco-friendly approach towards our planet. 
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