Cars- The Problem or the Solution?

 Cars are one of the problems contributing to this global environmental imbalance due to their emissions.  But they can also be a solution. As one of the pioneers of eco-technology, Toyota was quick to recognize the severity of the environmental challenges facing the world and decided to take up this challenge. 

Top Secret Project- "G21"
The Prius project can be tracked back to the early 1990's. The Prius was conceived in a project named "G21" which began in 1993. This was a secret project even within Toyota which sought to create a next-century car. The project was led by Mr. Takeshi Uchiyamada who later became the first Chief Engineer for Prius. The activities of the G21 team were known only to a few, and were completely separated from the rest of the company.  Rumors spread throughout the company about “a mysterious team working on a mysterious project”.
Takeshi Uchiyamada
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