A Car for the 21ST Century


During the 1990s, the global automotive market was still coming to grips with the need for a vehicle which would contribute to reduced emissions, and minimize the impact on the environment. The situation was ripe for change and a new approach to developing a successful mass–produced environmentally friendly vehicle.
Global Environmental Imbalance 
 The Industrial Revolution drastically changed man’s relationship with nature—and not for the better. Global warming is becoming a serious problem. If we continue along the same path, global temperatures are projected to rise by as much as 4.8? at the end of the century 
Image 1 (Thaw of glacier at North Pole and Greenland)
Image 2 (Desert Storm in Arabian Peninsula)
The powerful sand and dust storms in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa are considered to be caused by global warming. Furthermore, some countries are at risk of being submerged by rising sea levels which are caused by global warming. 
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