Toyota And Mohamed Naser Al Sayer Launches New Hilux 2016 The Warrior

Finally the long-awaited warrior has arrived with a fierce presence and a stylish personality that understands your desires in all aspects of fulfilment. The all new Toyota Hilux Warrior 2016 has been fully characterised by toughness and robustness that you can depend on to conquer all your challenges, with a perfect harmony between powerful performance and innovative comfort you will be embraced with inside the cabin. Advanced specification and technological equipment, innovative designs and bold touch in every detail, all to make you feel the toughness, feel the comfort.

New Hilux Redefines Toughness with its Entry into the Middle East

•    Tough yet emotional design with enhanced exterior appearance and comfortable interiors
•    New engine and transmission maximise performance by delivering excellent torque and fuel efficiency
•    New frame and suspension provide improved comfort, toughness, safety and superior off-road performance

KUWAIT – Toyota and Mohamed Naser Al Sayer (MNSS) today unveiled the new Hilux to mark the introduction of the eighth-generation of this legendary pickup in the Middle East where it has enjoyed a stellar reputation over the years for its quality, durability and reliability. The new model is a complete redesign of one of the world's best-known and best-loved nameplates with numerous changes in response to customer demands and feedback to exceed all their expectations.

The launch event was conducted at SIRBB circuit, Shuwaikh and with the presence of Mubarak Naser AL Sayer CEO MNSS, Johan Heislitz, Senior business Director Toyota, Osamu Tomioka Project Manager Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Takayuki Yoshitsugu Chief Representative Toyota Middle East and North Africa Office Dubai along with delegation from TMC representatives from the media and operation heads from other business units of Al Sayer Group.

The Hilux press conference was followed by test drive for public at the circuit during the evening hours, where they witnessed the outstanding capabilities of the new warrior Hilux apart from experiencing powerful performance and enjoyable driving experience. The event was also streamed live online, attracted huge response and wide publicity across Toyota social media channels.

Speaking during the event Mubarak Naser Al Sayer, CEO MNSS said “Over the years, Hilux has earned reputation for its phenomenal build quality, sophistication and quality of engineering. New generation Hilux redefines everything. With the new Hilux – you will feel the toughness and experience the comfort. Toyota brand promise focuses on “Peace of mind” & “Waku-Doki’. “Waku-Doki” translates to an exciting and fun to drive experience with thrilling designs. Hilux is yet another example. “

Since the introduction of the first Hilux in 1968, over 16 million have been sold in more than 180 countries and regions. Faced with the challenge of creating the eighth-generation Hilux, Toyota realized that toughness doesn't just come from the vehicle; it comes from the people inside. Whether you are battling your way up a muddy track or stuck in traffic, reducing the stress of driving is just as important as withstanding the elements. That's why the new Hilux, while improving on the model's characteristic toughness and performance, redefines toughness by being more occupant-focused and providing a stress-free driving experience.

Johan Heislitz, Senior Business Director Toyota Al Sayer said “The latest edition of Hilux has a refined contemporary look as well as excellent on and off road capability. It will also appeal to active young individuals, private and family customer base apart from the commercial segment. With generations of success behind, A Hillux is always the best choice - Toughness and Comfort is guaranteed, The New Hilux 2016 is our warrior. At Toyota Al Sayer we are committed to offer our customers the World’s leading cars with the best international specifications with the best value added benefits backed by timely customer care support making Toyota ownership experience the best more than ever. “

According to Hiroki Nakajima, Executive Chief engineer behind the Hilux (and also a Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation): "Our entire development concept was centred on 'redefining toughness'. We aimed to make the new Hilux 'tougher' based on a much broader interpretation of that word. The message we want to deliver to our customers is embodied in our slogan for the vehicle: A New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux”.

Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, TOYOTA Motor Corporation, said, “The new Hilux is a worthy successor to the earlier generation of models that preceded it and is all set to create a great reputation while enhancing the core values of quality, durability and reliability to a higher level. Moreover, it really sets a new benchmark for the pickup category with the addition of features that provide SUV like comfort for a smooth ride. We also greatly appreciate the support of our customers who have given us valuable feedback and encouraged our initiatives in developing this new model.”

The name Hilux, a combination of the words “high” and “luxury”, was given to underline the truck’s splendour and superiority over the competition, and the new slogan best illustrates its reputation as a sturdy, all-conquering vehicle constantly evolving to set new benchmarks for comfort and performance.
To truly understand the expectations of customers and the challenges they face on a daily basis, Toyota’s development teams travelled the globe, getting direct feedback from customers and driving on a wide variety of different roads to get a feel for different usage conditions.  The development process also benefitted from invaluable feedback received directly from Hilux drivers. Some wished they could make long transcontinental trips without worrying about running out of fuel. Others described how hard it is to stay alert and drive safely during gruelling long-distance journeys with extended stretches of rough driving.

Above and beyond conventional ideas of toughness, the eighth-generation Hilux provides ride comfort that make long, tough drives less gruelling, a quiet cabin that allows communication in any conditions, and enhanced cruising range thanks to improved fuel efficiency.

The new Hilux is offered in the Middle East in single cab and double cab configurations, in both 2WD and 4WD.

In order to meet the evolving demands of markets around the world, Hilux has also evolved drastically. The new Hilux is best expressed through Toyota’s slogan for the redesigned vehicle: A New Era for Pickup. Every Inch a Hilux. The first part of the slogan communicates the advancements of the new Hilux, which are of such significance that they set a new standard for the pickup category with a new level of SUV-like comfort. Every Inch a Hilux, meanwhile, states that the new Hilux is completely genuine, authentic and consistent with the Hilux brand, delivering the high standards of durability and reliability that have always been the core values of the Hilux.

‘Tough and Emotional’ Design
As the pickup becomes more mainstream, and users look at pickups not only as a workhorse but also a family vehicle, Toyota realizes that the Hilux needs to do double duty and be tough enough to handle all the expectations of new-generation owners. The 2016 Hilux is therefore not only a tough vehicle, but an advanced pickup with stylish cues hitherto found only on SUVs.

The front of the new Hilux gives a sense that the vehicle is wider than it is. This is achieved by the horizontal bars that make up the grille and sleek headlamps that wrap around the front of the fenders. The headlamps are new and stylish for a distinctive design worthy to be called advanced.

The top grille bar extends into the headlamp for Toyota’s signature “Keen Look” and the trapezoid shape of the lower grille highlights the “Under Priority” design language. The hood actually extends over the front fender giving onlookers a sense of one piece of metal on the road. The thick, chunky steel bumper – developed exclusively for the Middle East market based on feedback from customers – is sculpted like a SUV vehicle yet still gives the impression of a “Truck”.

The Hilux’s side design takes cues from SUV vehicles to transform the Hilux into the next-generation pickup. A seamless transition from the front bumper into the front fender has been achieved by removing the separate over fender and replacing it with one sheet of metal that has the same sculpture as the front of the vehicle.

The design language is characterized by continuous flowing lines that connect all parts of the vehicle from corner to corner, with the chrome beltline running along the windows and linking up to the top of the deck to give an impression that the truck is longer than it really is, and that the whole vehicle was designed from front to back. That same beltline divides the lower half of the body, giving the vehicle a tough, grounded, sturdy look on the road.

The new Hilux offers a full line-up of wheel choices from sizes 15 to 17 inches, each featuring a unique design that is both fresh and sporty in either wheel cap or alloy.

Moving to the rear, we see the continuation of the design language. The steel bumper step is actually set closer to the ground and is also deeper, while the tailgate features a character line and a nice chrome surround around the tailgate release.

The deck itself has been re-imagined. The deck structure panels have been strengthened and reinforcements added underneath, and the deck floor ribs have been redesigned to better resist deformation during loading/unloading of heavy payloads. Part of this new advanced toughness is the amount of abuse from the elements and duty the all-new Hilux can take. Staggered tie-downs and thickened load secure points make the Hilux the best tool for various transport needs.

The new Hilux is offered in 5 exciting colors – Super White 2, Silver ME, Gray ME, Attitude Black MC and White Pearl CS which is being introduced for the first time in the Hilux due to high demand from Middle East customers.

Superb Interior Styling
The vehicle’s interior continues the concept of “Tough and Emotional”, and reflects the same attention to detail as the exterior with SUV vehicle styling, accents and ornamentations. The new Hilux makes no compromises for being a pickup and even comes with a new, stylish smart key that includes fine details.
Sit in the driver’s seat of the Hilux and an emotional response is felt almost instantly. The seats hug the body more like a SUV vehicle’s seat with increased bolsters, ample padding and a new seat frame structure.

The steering wheel - incorporating both tilt and telescope functionality - is thicker and the thumb rests enlarged to make any driving situation more comfortable. The steering wheel audio switches and advanced controls are centrally located so the driver’s hands never need to move away from the driving position. Armrests have been padded with soft materials and aligned with driving duty. The shift lever has a shorter height and throws to mimic SUV vehicles while also allowing the driver to operate the vehicle with a more relaxed posture.

Moving to the cabin area, the horizontal flow of the instrument panel continues to and along the door panels, and into the rear of the cabin. The cabin itself exudes a distinct sense of volume, depth and spaciousness. A consistent blue illumination is used throughout the cabin and into the meters, and a newly introduced Multi-Information Display (MID) incorporates a 3-dimensional message as well as advanced features such as ECO Judge / ECO Wallet to promote effective fuel consumption.

The same level of comfort has been transferred from the front seats to the rear seats. Body support, leg support and legroom have been increased to make a total package for the second row passengers. Two interior color schemes - Black in addition to Black & Dark Maroon have been introduced exclusively for customers in the Middle East.

Powerful Engine & Smooth Handling
The tried-and-trusted TR petrol engine has been developed even further, simultaneously achieving increased fuel economy and high output. The 2.7-litre engine - producing 164hp and up to 245Nm - is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission, and delivers 10% higher fuel efficiency compared with the current TR engine.  

The newly developed 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel engine with 147hp and up to 400Nm of torque for the 6-speed manual and automatic transmission options stands out for its improved manageability of the low and medium speed ranges, realizing unprecedented acceleration performance. The 2.4-litre diesel engine is also available with a 5-speed manual transmission which delivers 343Nm of torque.

The new Hilux also features a convenient Drive Mode Switch that allows the driver to select a preferred drive mode – ECO for optimum economy and POWER for enhanced acceleration. The ECO Mode reduces power consumption in relation to acceleration, heating and cooling, whilst also taking into consideration the environment, whereas the POWER Mode provides sharper acceleration response, ensuring a more agile drive on slopes and winding roads.

Comprehensive Safety Features
The all-new Hilux comes equipped with a vast array of safety features that highlight Toyota’s focus on occupant and pedestrian protection. From ABS and SRS airbags for the driver and front passenger to a knee airbag for only the driver, the Hilux offers a number of active and passive safety measures. In addition to ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), which prevents the tires from locking during braking, the vehicle comes equipped with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) to properly perform brake force distribution between the front and rear wheels according to the vehicle condition. It also features Brake Assist, which generates a large brake force during emergency braking to support drivers who may not be able to depress the brake pedal with enough force.

Other safety features include a three-point type Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seat belt equipped on all seats except the center seat (which features a two-point type seat belt), and the use of high-tensile strength steel sheets and supplementary materials throughout the body structure to help reduce passenger injuries, as well as extensive use of impact-absorbing structures for parts such as the engine hood, front fender and cowl in order to reduce impact force to the head and legs of pedestrians during a collision.

Main Features:
Newly developed frame and suspension
•    Improved comfort, toughness and safety due to enlarged side rail cross-section
•    Enhanced off-road performance and comfort thanks to the upgraded leaf spring suspension and shock absorbers

Newly developed engine and transmission
•    Excellent torque in all rev ranges, with significantly improved torque at low speed thanks to the newly developed diesel engines
•    Extended cruising distance enabled by improved fuel efficiency
•    Reduced engine noise
•    Balanced torque and fuel efficiency due to newly developed six-speed automatic transmission with more steps and optimized gear ratio to maximize engine performance

Tough and emotional design
•    Tough yet refined appearance achieved by contrasting the front panel with its sturdy bumper section and the integrated look of the slender upper grille
•    Refinement and sensitivity not usually found in a truck thanks to strong, dynamic body side wheel flares, attractively integrated with the overall body

•    Stylish instrument panel featuring a unified design aesthetic and free use of metallic decoration, giving a strong yet refined appearance
•    Cutting-edge, luxurious features, including audio system with electrostatic multi-touch control panel, 4WD changeover switch and luxury seats
•    Rear seat A/C duct provides improved and powerful cooling to passengers


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