Technologically Advanced Automotive Window Films

 Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons Launches

Functional window films from KONICA MINOLTA ensures ultimate safety and comfort t hrough “4 C benefits” – Cuts Infrared by 95%, Cuts Ultrav iolet by 99%, provides Clarity that matches world class standards and Communica tion with no signal interference supported by use of non-metallic material.   ;
KONICA MINOLTA window films brings the superior trademark Japan ese technology ICE-μ™ to Kuwait
The ICE-μ™ film boasts of a superior combination of both transparency and heat rejection.
The films are also created with a high-precision coating technology t hat is compliant with environmental standards.
Customers can also benefit from the 5 years warra nty provided as an add on value
KUWAIT: Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons (MNSS), one o f the Al Sayer Group Holding Companies held a special launch event further to acquiring dealership f or KONICA MINOLTA – superior automotive window films from Japan built on intelligent and advanc ed technology. 
The launch event which was organized at the newly dev eloped MNSS facility exclusively for KONICA MINOLTA at Ardiya and was attended by Al Sayer Group Holding Mr . Mubarak Naser Al Sayer Board Member & CEO, distinguished delegation from KONICA MINOLTA Japan, Mr. Pa ul Reynolds Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Mohamed Hilal Business Director Group Spare Parts and Accessories Division, Mr. Johan Heislitz Senior Business Director Toyota, Mr. Simon Firth Business Director Lexus, Senior Managers from other business units of the Group and representatives from the press and media.
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Speaking about the history and vision of Al Sayer Group Holding Mr. Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO said “Our strategic vision in ASG Holding since inception back in 1950’s has been focused on reinf orcing our role as a prominent market leader in Kuwait as fit and consistent with the values and traditions of o ur nation on which we pride ourselves. This vision translated into the transformation of all Al Sayer Group comp anies to Al Sayer Group Holding as a most efficient operation to meet the expectations and aspirations of Kuwait market providing best products and services in a most efficient manner”.
According to Mr. Mo hamed Hilal Business Director Group Spare Parts and Accessories Division MNSS “All our endeavors have fo cused on offering our customers the best quality products featuring range of added values benefits and service s. The launch of new and advanced Konica Minolta functional window film from Japan by Mohamed Naser Al Sayer as the authorized distributor in Kuwait is yet another example.”
Known for its optical technolog ies like its cameras, lenses, photocopiers and film, has moved into the business for quality window film called the KONICA MINOLTA ICE-μ™. The ICE-μ™ film boasts of a superior combination of both transpar ency and heat rejection. To develop ICE-μ™ Konica Minolta applied its advanced expertise in chemical synthesis, gained over decades of experience in photocopy toner and inkjet technology. The film is composed of high performance material used in cutting edge areas for unrivaled high precision coating technology”.&nb sp;
Highlighting the benefits of Konica Minolta window films Mr. Yoshitsugu Shira ki, Senior Executive Director Konica said “The unique features of Ultra Nano Film are truly unrivaled. In comparison to conventional films, ours offer a higher level of clarity and heat rejection with no interference wi th signals, allowing for a more comfortable ride. All of these features help create a better customer experi ence”.
Ultimate Comfort and Safety
ICE-μ window film blocks unwanted solar rays, reducing the blazing heat from the sun, protecting the skin of you and your passengers from harmful UV rays, and minimizing fading of interior surfaces. The film is clear enough to comply with visible-light transmission laws around the world, and may be applied to your vehicles front window. By ensuring a clear view for safe night driving and cooler, more comfortable daytime use, ICE-μ achieves the optimum in film design. Non-refractive film offers clear vision for driving and enhances driving safety. ICE-μ also holds shattered glass together in the event of breakage, increasing safety and security. 
Wave Length Control Technology – Best in Class Performance
Konica Minolta s wavelength control technology is the product of years of work in optical design and thin-film formation. The secret is in the unique and innovative functional layer design. High-refractive index films and low-refractive index films, made from newly-developed materials, are alternately layered at optimal thicknesses, enabling the film to reject or absorb only the UV and IR wavelengths of the light spectrum. While the film blocks unwanted solar energy, it lets through visible light (with a transmission ratio of 70%, complying with laws around the world). ICE-μ offers a clear window film with high heat rejection performance that is the best in its class.
No Signal Interference
ICE-μ window film uses Konica Minoltas unique and innovative design to effectively block blazing heat. Because the film is non-metallic, it will not interfere with cellular phone reception or signals used by on-board devices such as car navigation systems and ETC. It will not only make driving a more comfortable experience for you, but will also ensure that you have seamless access to the wireless communication systems used in cars today.
Environment Friendly
Using ICE-μ to reduce heat gain from the sun means you can rely less on air conditioning, and as a result use less gasoline. ICE-μ is a highly-effective and simple way to make a car more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as is demanded of cars of the future. At the same time, car interiors and upholstery will not suffer fading.
Skilled Technicians and Modern Workshops
MNSS is employing certified technicians from Konica Minolta at the fitment workshops for enhanced perfection. The fitment workshop also features state-of-the-art fitment equipment and modern dust free environment ensure full compliance to quality standards reflecting the best-in-the business work principles.  
The technologically advanced Konica Minolta functional automotive window films will soon be available across popular Al-Sayer Accessory outlets and exclusive Konica Minolta outlet and fitment centers across Kuwait.