Best in the business Mid-Year Conference and Awards Ceremony

“Best in the business” Mid-Year Conference & Awards Ceremony

•    Honoring the top performing teams securing high percentage in Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSI)
•    Teams scoring best CSI awarded the coveted Chairman’s Award
•    Group Launches Vice Chairman’s Award to award business locations for best facility presentation

 KUWAIT: Al Sayer Group Holding held the Mid-Year Conference on 16 April 2015 at the Movenpick Convention Center to celebrate excellence in customer care. The event was attended by Mr. Naser Mohamed Al Sayer Chairman, Mr. Faisal Bader Al Sayer Vice Chairman, Mr. Musaed Bader Al Sayer Board Member and Mr. Mubarak Naser Al Sayer CEO from Al Sayer Group Holding Executive Management. Along with Top Management representatives managerial and supervisory staffs also participated in the event.
A delegation from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) for this event including Mr. Hisayuki Inoue Advisor to TMC, Mr. Takayuki Yoshitsugu Chief Representative TMC regional office Dubai, Mr. Yoshiyuki Koike Field Operations Manager TMC regional office Bahrain, Mr. Ryosuke Ako Assistant General Manager TMC regional office Dubai.
TMC bestowed upon Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons (MNSS), the exclusive agent for Lexus and Toyota sales, service and parts and one of the Al Sayer Group Holding Companies 3 prestigious awards for Customer Service, Sales and Marketing during the year 2014. The tremendous achievement of MNSS and highlight of the awards was the Outstanding Customer Service Award which MNSS is winning 7th time in a row.
Congratulating the employees during the awards ceremony Mr. Mubarak Naser Al Sayer, CEO Al Sayer Group Holding said “This is the seventh year in a row that we have won the Outstanding Customer Service Award, which puts us in the top 7 Distributors in the world.  This is a truly amazing feature. Congratulations and thanks to all of you for your direct and indirect contributions to this remarkable achievement.
Of course our theme for this year of 2015 is Building on our Success, and for that we need a sustainable business.  The Board has been working hard to provide that sustainability going forward, anticipating the needs of all our Stakeholders; who are Our Customers, Our Principals, Our Employees, Kuwait Society and the Environment.”
As part of the sustainability initiative, with the leadership of Management, the Group is acquiring land and are building facilities now, which will offer capacity well into the next decade to give the best Service levels to all customers for all of our Businesses. These facilities are being built to the highest ‘green’ standards, and are designed to be the best not just in Kuwait, or even the GCC, but to be a leader in the world, just as we have with the Lexus Centre.
Appreciating the efforts of MNSS Mr. Hisayuki Inoue Advisor to TMC said “I would like to express my sincere thanks to each of you here for your tireless effort to enhance the brand image of Toyota and Lexus under severe business circumstances. Without your positive and challenging mind, MNSS could not realize such wonderful performance.
The Toyota Way consist of 5 elements, Challenge,Kaizen,Genchi Genbutsu, Teamwork, and Respect. Daily practice of Toyota Way by each team member under the leadership of board members exactly brought the remarkable achievement to MNSS. I would like to encourage you to further strengthen your team work. We are considering Kuwait as a very important market. We are considering MNSS as our irreplaceable partner.”
Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons was honored for performance excellence during the 60th Anniversary Year of the Group. The awards were won as a dividend for the “best in the business” work principles adopted by the business units supported by strong team work. TMC presented the top award as a tribute to the dedicated daily efforts of the MNSS customer service personnel and also as a deepest appreciation for the efforts in customer service enhancement activities of the Sales, Service and Parts divisions
Training and knowledge enhancement activities for all employees of the Group have always been top priority of the Management. For ther Employee Engagement the Board has approved the construction of new Employee Accommodation and a new Training Center in order to accommodate the greater number of staff who will be hired in the coming years. This will also reinforce the talent management and staff career development initiatives.
Departments with CSI scores of 90% and above were presented CSI awards for their dedication and efforts for achieving such top performance levels. Among 59 operating locations, remarkably 66% of the outlets scored CSI score above 97 and 27% above 95, with none below 90.
The esteemed Chariman’s Award was also presented to divisions voted as the most trustworthy by customers. This award reflects customer’s trust and acknowledges improvements made through effectively managing customer complaints as well as efficiently tackling issues related to customer service.  Complaints in total have dropped by 40% from the same period last year.
Winners of the new Vice Chairman’s Award were also announced during the event.  This award reflects the first measure of the standards in our facilities, and staff appearance. Measuring different dimensions such as general outlook, customer lounge, staff appearance, health and safety, staff offices and lounges etc, the award will further showcase the group’s commitment to continuously enhancing its already superior offering and in providing the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.
These awards become a platform for all employees of the Group to celebrate the great success and also finding ways to working together as one team to building on success during 2015. The best in the business corporate event is a bi annual event. The 2015 mid-year conference will be followed by the Annual Staff Convention later during the fourth quarter of this year.

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