Toyota and Lexus Hybrid Loved around the World

  • The use of hybrid vehicles worldwide is spreading with the effective and determined support of many customers
  • Majority of hybrid customers are identified as dynamic, sophisticated and accomplished individuals
  • Toyota and Lexus hybrid vehicles achieve a balance between environmental performance and driving experience as an Environment-friendly vehicle and a passenger vehicle

The rapidly growing concerns over the need to reduce carbon emissions coupled with highly volatile oil prices have forced the global automobile players to invest massive amounts into the development of advanced and better alternative fuel vehicles over recent years. The concept of hybrids has emerged as the most viable solution gaining considerable attention among industry players. This trend is clearly visible from the fact that hybrid car sales worldwide showed a positive growth and are expected to touch a compounded annual growth rate of around 21% during 2013-2017.

Besides their great fuel consumption and environmental friendliness, hybrid vehicles have a unique progressive image. Also, in countries where there is communication between owners of hybrid vehicles, there is an exchange of information on things such as driving with even better fuel consumption. In this way, it is not just owning a hybrid that matters — it’s finding additional ways of having fun. Most of the Hybrid customers tend to be refined, free spirited, successful. The potentital influence of celebrity hybrid drivers in inspiring consumers to use hybrid vehicles has been incredible. Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Charles, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks are few of the popular celebrities who were early adopters of hybrid.

With six models and a decade of proven technology behind, Lexus hybrid offer more than a promise for tomorrow. Lexus hybrids are the most fuel efficient in the industry unlike other vehicles that have followed its footsteps. Lexus introduced the world’s first luxury hybrid nearly a decade ago. Now with more than 85% of all luxury hybrid on the road and almost six generations of hybrid tehnology know-how, the new generation of Lexus hybrids is set to push the category forward once again.

Cumulative global sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles topped the 6 million unit mark in 2014. The first million-units took nine years and nine months from the release of the first Prius. The latest million-unit milestone was achieved in the fastest time yet for Toyota, taking just nine months. Toyota hybrid vehicles have been tremendously well received by consumers.

Toyota hybrid vehicles achieve a balance between environmental performance and driving experience as an environment-friendly vehicle and a passenger vehicle. Launched in 1997, the Prius was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It was the birth of a visionary new vehicle featuring a completely new kind of drive system that combines a gas/petrol engine and an electric motor. Launched in 2003, the 2nd generation Prius featured a dramatically more enjoyable driving experience. Launched in 2009, 90% of the vehicle’s system was newly redeveloped for the 3rd generation Prius and a reduction gear adopted. This hybrid system has been introduced in various models such as Avalon, Camry, Rav4  other than the Prius and Toyota will continue augmenting its product lineup.
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