2014 Toyota Corolla-Exceeding Customer Expectations

  • Contemporary design theme reveals an elegant and sportier image for the new Corolla
  • Improved driving dynamics distinguish the Corolla from other compact sedans
  • Enhanced utility & comfort features offer class leading convenience
  • Extensive safety systems reinforce Toyota’s commitment to passenger safety
Kuwait, December 3, 2013 – Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons Company & Toyota today announced the arrival of the all new Toyota Corolla to Kuwait, introducing the 11th  generation of this class leading compact sedan which features athletic and bold touches from the inside and out, confirming Toyota's continuous  commitment to introducing  world class vehicles that combine enhanced performance, attention to detail and the highest standards of safety and security. With 47 years of success and close to 40 million sales in the world behind it, the new Corolla reflects a bolder and more dynamic vehicle which will redefine consumer perceptions about this iconic sedan.

According to Mr. Mubarak Naser Al Sayer, CEO, Mohamed Naser Al Sayer & Sons Company:” Toyota has been the market leader in Kuwait for many years leading the completion by far. Despite all crisis and difficulties which Toyota has gone through in the recent years, Toyota proved to be most resilient and continued to roll down best models. Corolla is just an example of the brand reliability and dependability making such giant step forward on its steady path to time tested high tech tradition and stylish innovations. It deservedly boasts highest resale value, best quality and lowest rate of problems for more than 24 years as per specialist JD power research and surveys”.

According to Mr. Takayuki Yoshitsugu, General Manager of Middle East & North Africa - Toyota Motor Corporation, “The 2014 Corolla makes a strong design statement with its unique visual signature which is highlighted by a more elegant and sportier image to continue Toyota’s brand evolution which has been driven recently by more design-focused product launches. It builds on the model’s legendary reputation for reliability and durability with significant enhancements in every aspect of its design and engineering.” 

According to Mr. Shinichi Yasui, Chief Engineer, Toyota Motor Corporation, “I believe this new model clearly breathes the Corolla DNA that has been inherited over the model’s lifetime. That DNA sets forth the mission of the Corolla to constantly provide concepts and technologies that lead the times and to create the world’s best-selling car, and that DNA has now been inherited for a new era. Each generation of the Corolla has pursued the goal of ensuring customer satisfaction and customer delight around the world, and through those efforts the DNA of the Corolla has constantly evolved. With the 2014 model, I am confident that we have developed an 11th generation sedan that can be driven with an enhanced sense of enjoyment, peace-of-mind and pride.”

Elegant Exteriors and Stylish Interiors 
The Corolla’s design theme combines clean lines and balanced proportions to give the new vehicle an immediate visual impact through a more sophisticated and advanced look. At 4,620 mm long, 1,775 mm wide and 1,460 mm high, the new Corolla is 80 mm longer and 15mm wider, yet 5 mm lower, than its predecessor. More pronounced flared wheel arches, and the impactful simplicity of cleanly sculpted surfaces, help lend the Corolla an exterior elegance. The 2014 Corolla presents a more compact and sportier appearance than the current model through a basic shape that tapers at the front and rear of the vehicle to help emphasize the wheel arches and wheels-to-the-corner stance.

The front design reflects a strong presence and a high quality feel. The upper chrome-plated bar runs from the Toyota emblem on the radiator grille to the headlamp rear edge, and two grille bars penetrate into the headlamp. As a result, a wide feel has been enhanced. A luxury feel is expressed through a 3-dimensional layout of the turn lamps and horizontally long LED (Light Emitting Diode) type DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) clearance lamps. The new Corolla is also available with outer mirrors featuring side turn signal lamps and aero stabilizing fins to enhance product appeal. The aggressive adoption of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights contribute to a highly advanced feel and leads to excellent lamp performance.

In terms of the rear design, the flow of the rear license garnish, rear combination lamps, and character line are seamlessly connected. The trunk lid bottom and rear bumper form a continuous surface. The reflex reflectors placed on the outer edge of the lower bumper enhance a wide feel and a stance with a low center of gravity look.

A body color lineup with a wide range of colors ensures high product appeal through 7 exterior body colors: Super White, White Pearl Crystal shine, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Black Mica, Blue Metallic and Dark Blue Mica.

The 2014 Corolla’s interior matches the visual impact of the exterior and adds a new level of refinement. The passenger cabin features a clean, horizontally oriented dash panel design that adds to the interior’s sense of spaciousness. The instrument panel and surrounding areas are finished in premium materials.
Exquisite texture graining and soft touch material cover the top of the dash panel and key touch points in the cabin. Attention to detail is demonstrated in the ornamental stitching spanning the length of the dash panel and the shift boot that adorns the center console’s shifter lever. The premium interior extends to the rear seat as well. The new Corolla’s longer +100 mm wheelbase creates a more spacious interior, with a rear seat area that is 75 mm longer than the previous model, to offer outstanding rear leg room. The all new Corolla is also available with an electrically powered moon roof which adds to the open feel of the cabin. The moon roof can be opened or closed with a single switch operation.

Clear blue illumination is adopted for the meter, clock, and switches, thus enhancing product appeal. While adopting separate horizontally-toned audio and heater control panels, a cockpit-like image is created by applying similar shapes to the two panels. A uniquely designed exclusive audio panel with switches aligned to the main surface is adopted. In terms of the meters, a high degree of attention has been paid to a design with high precision detailing and a sporty feel. The Multi-information Display, which consolidates various display functions, has been positioned in the center of the combination meter cluster.
The front seats provide excellent seating comfort. An extra bulge has been given to the seat bolster to enhance fitting comfort for the lower back. The seat reclining lever has been extended and positioned based on ergonomics to enhance the operational feel. The driver’s seat lifter range has been increased ensuring a natural driving posture.

In addition to excellent seating comfort, the Corolla has convenient rear seats that allow for efficient use of luggage space with stylish rear seats which have ample head clearance and 60: 40 split folding rear seats in addition to class leading knee space. The luggage space functionality has been enhanced by folding rear seatbacks. The Corolla also has a flat floor and spacious rear seat legroom through adoption of thin seatbacks, extension of the wheelbase, and optimization of the floor silencer and carpet.

The seats in the Corolla exhibit a smart, high quality feel which is expressed by five types of seat upholstery. Diversified seat materials and stitching enhance segmentation between grades to create meticulously well-crafted seats. In terms of interior trims, a soft feeling grain has been adopted for the assist grips and door grips. A large silver color molding has been adopted for the door trim molding, thus enhancing the product appeal.

Improved Driving Dynamics 
While the all-new 2014 Corolla includes amplified elements of style and design, the engineering effort focused on handling to complement the Corolla’s legendary reliability. The Corolla offers two engine variants. Customers can choose a 1.6 L Engine which has 4 cylinders, in-line Twin cam, 16-valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I, Electronic Fuel Injection System, maximum power of 121 HP (Net) and maximum torque of 15.7 KG-M. The second option is a 2.0 L Engine which has 4 cylinders, in-line Twin cam, 16-valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I, Electronic Fuel Injection System, maximum power of 143 HP (Net) and maximum torque of 19.1 KG-M. The main muffler structure for both engines have been revised to enhance sound insulation performance at the mid to high-frequency range, thus producing a smooth acceleration feel from low engine rpm.

In terms of transmissions, customers can choose an automatic transmission which has a 4-speed Super ECT (Electronic Control Transaxle). The 6 speed manual option has a wider range of 6-speed gear ratios and class leading torque transmission efficiency which enhances fuel economy. Shift-related parts have been efficiently laid out to ensure class leading light shift operation and smooth shift feel while reducing shift rattling. The suspension system has coil springs and shock absorbers which have been optimized for any destination with a balance between vehicle stability, maneuverability, and ride comfort. The front suspension has MacPherson strut suspensions. For the coil springs, a pigtail structure has been adopted at both ends of the spring to achieve a compact, lightweight design. The spring rate has been optimized to enhance ride comfort. The front lower arm suspension bush shape has been changed to help ensure vehicle and handling stability.

In the rear, torsion beam suspensions have been adopted. The trailing arm bush shape has been changed to help ensure stability of the rear of the vehicle in addition to the coil springs being optimized to ensure a balance between driving stability and ride comfort. The Corolla comes with 15-inch steel wheels which feature full wheel caps, 15-inch aluminum wheels and 16-inch aluminum wheels.

In terms of body structure, the Corolla’s increased body rigidity optimizes chassis and suspension performance, giving the new car a more responsive and engaging driving experience. High-tensile steel sheet metal has been adopted in various areas of the body to achieve a lightweight, high strength body structure. 
Efforts to reduce wind resistance have helped the new Corolla achieve a drag coefficient of 0.296. Careful attention has also been taken to refine airflow and reduce turbulence over the front and rear edges of the car by adopting stabilizing fins.

Enhanced Utility & Comfort
One of the unique features of the new Corolla is the quiet comfort that distinguish the Corolla from other sedans. This has been achieved by effectively adopting sound insulation structures and sound proofing materials throughout the cabin, such as interior trim, roof head lining, instrument panel, floor carpet and air conditioning system, leading to excellent noise reduction and thus ensuring a high level of quietness. 

The 2014 Corolla has a highly efficient air conditioning system that achieves class-leading cooling performance to ensure a comfortable interior environment through a compact, lightweight design. It has an easy‐to‐operate AC control panel with a large LCD display for clear visibility. A single mode automatic air conditioning system and a manual air conditioning system is also available. Energy consumption has been reduced by incorporating variable external compressor control that optimally controls the compressor capacity as needed in accordance with the load of the air conditioning system.

The new Corolla is also available with an advanced audio system that provides excellent sound quality with enhanced functions for convenience through 4 or 6 speaker configurations. A 3-line LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) has been adopted for the CD audio unit displays, and the display content, including graphical icon displays, have been enhanced. USB/AUX external input terminals have been installed for enhanced convenience.

The Corolla also has highly convenient storage spaces in the instrument panel and console area. The glove box not only has a larger storage capacity but also a larger opening for ease of use. User-friendly cup holders that can accommodate cups of various sizes and shapes by moving or removing the separator are also available in the Corolla.

The Corolla comes with a Smart Entry & Start System which enables the driver to lock and unlock doors and start the engine, simply by carrying the key. A touch sensor type lock switch has been adopted for models equipped with the smart key system, thus enhancing convenience. An engine immobilizer system which prevents engine start without an authorized key has been adopted to prevent vehicle theft.

Comprehensive Safety Features 
The new Corolla has been engineered to provide the highest active and passive safety standards, and enhanced pedestrian impact protection. The use of lightweight, high-strength steel leads to improved collision performance. The collision safety performance of each component has been maximized through extensive CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and repeated experimental prototype testing.
In the case of the brake mechanisms, the brake booster characteristics have been changed to enhance the brake feeling. The Brake Control System has ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) to help ensure vehicle stability during braking. ABS helps suppress wheel locking during braking on a slippery road and emergency braking. EBD utilizes ABS hydraulic control system to optimally distribute braking force to each wheel in accordance with driving conditions. A Brake Assist feature is available to compensate for a driver’s failure to depress the brake pedal deep enough during an emergency. Brake Assist recognizes a sudden depression of the brake pedal as emergency braking and generates a larger braking force.
From a Passive Safety viewpoint, the Corolla’s Impact Absorbing Body Structure absorbs and disperses impact energy during a frontal collision. The impact load from the front side member is dispersed to the under body frame. The same principle applies to side impact protection, the multiple load-path-structure featuring strengthened side members, cross members and roof reinforcement.
The adoption of numerous energy absorbing components offer significantly improved pedestrian protection in the event of a frontal impact. An impact absorption stroke is available for the engine hood lock along with an impact absorption bracket for the front fender attachment part. Impact absorbing materials have been installed in the bumper reinforcement front edge to help reduce pedestrian knee injury. 
For occupant protection, impact absorbing structures have been adopted for the interior part of the pillar areas to ensure cabin safety. For the area of the door trim that touches the lumbar area of the occupant, a crushable pad has been installed in the front door trim, and a crushable rib to the rear door trim.
To help reduce the impact of a collision on occupants, the Corolla is equipped with SRS airbags for the driver and front passenger. For the driver & front seats, there is a 3-point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelt with pretensioner and force limiter while the rear seats have 3-point ELR seatbelts to ensure safety for passengers. Moreover, low friction webbing has also been adopted in all seatbelts to help reduce pressure on the occupant’s chest when wearing the seatbelt.


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