The all new Yaris HB 2017
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Interior Colours
Ivory - Ivory has been newly developed for the new YARIS to create an elegant, modern appearance. This color contrasts with Black to create a sporty impression.
Black - Neutral Black shows off the silver ornamentation for a sharp, modern expression.

Once in a while, we get caught in some tight situations along our journey. But with the right companion, these tight situations can lead to wider options. With a sterling, economical performance, comfortable interior and avant-garde styling, it’s time you got into the Yaris.


The design key word “Under Priority” takes shape in the large trapezoidal opening of the lower grille and the floating lower bar underneath giving the front an impressive appearance. The upper grille unifying the hood with focus on the Toyota mark expresses the “Keen Look”.

The top bars of the upper front grille are integrated with the projector headlamp design that wraps around to the sides, further enhancing the wide vehicle appearance.

An aerodynamic visor design has been adopted, enhancing the appearance and reducing wind noise.

A distinctive L-shaped graphic is formed where the top of the rear combination lamp and the shoulder surface overlap, accentuating the flow to the side and emphasizing a wide impression.


Japanese precision machining technology has been used to create molded stitching that is realistic enough to be mistaken for actual stitching.
• Steering Wheel
• Instrument Panel

Double stitching has been adopted on both the front and rear seats for an attractive appearance.

Center cluster
The center registers are positioned between the audio panel and the air conditioning control panel with LED display, clearly separating the audio and air conditioning controls for ease of operation.
Steering wheel
Ergonomic features such as easy-to-grip thumb rests that prevent fatigue on long drives and the flattened bottom makes entering and exiting the vehicle easier. Such superior usability is combined with available leather and molded stitching that evokes a high quality impression

The meters are not affected by bright ambient light, such as sunlight, enabling consistent visibility day and night.
Meter design
3-dimensional meters featuring stylish silver rings and long, slim needles evoke a sporty and unique impression
Multi-information display
A clear deep orange backlight (sport grade: white backlight) enables excellent visibility. The information displayed in the drive monitor area differs depending on the grade.

Superior space and a wide adjustment range allow the driver to find the best driving position and ensure visibility, and top class rear comfort prevents the passengers from getting exhausted even on long drives

You can comfortably get in and out of the car regardless of your physique while small door opening steps enable safe door opening even in narrow spaces such as parking lots.
Front accessibility
Step-over height is especially low. In addition, the door opening steps are small.
Rear accessibility Same convenience results as for the front.

Increased cargo space realizes top-class capacity and offers increased usability to enable easy loading, unloading and transportation even of bulky items

Ample variously-sized storage spaces are provided to enable luggage of all sizes, such as cell phones, magazines and drinks, to be stored neatly for enhanced convenience.”
Drink holders (Driver and front passenger)
Cable hook
Glove box
Front door pockets
Console pocket
Rear drink holder


The unified display and switch layout of the newly available automatic air conditioning system makes it easy to use. A clean air filter has been adopted as standard for all models to create a comfortable cabin space by filtering the air that blows into the cabin.

• The audio system of the new YARIS now features a USB jack which is compatible with portable media players such as an iPod.
• The display size has also been increased from one line to three lines, enabling the track name, artist name and CD album name to be displayed simultaneously.
• Being positioned at the bottom of the audio panel makes the AUX and USB jacks very easy to use.

The available Smart Entry & Start System allows locking or unlocking the doors, unlatching the back door and the engine to be started simply by carrying the smart key. The functions are activated by antennas in the center pillars and back door area when the key is within the detection area.
In addition to the Smart Entry & Start System function, the smart key is equipped with a wireless control function that can be used like a conventional wireless transmitter.


1NZ-FE Engine (1.5 L), 2NZ-FE Engine (1.3 L)
Both the 1.5 liter and the 1.3 liter engines feature VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) and have further adopted several revisions in order to achieve a lightweight design, and further increase fuel efficiency. Various parts have been improved to realize a more compact, lightweight unit. Lock-up control has been revised and friction reduced, enhancing fuel economy. A modified hydraulic control realizes a smooth and direct shift feeling.

A catamaran design (Design name derives from the similarity of the structure to underside of a catamaran sail boat) has been adopted for the roof surface to enable the roof thickness to be reduced without compromising flexural rigidity, realizing a lightweight structure.

Class-top aerodynamic performance with a Cd (Coefficient of drag) of 0.30 has been realized by reducing air resistance, contributing to excellent straight-line stability and ride comfort.

Airflow regulating parts have been adopted on the under body for a smooth flow of air, realizing excellent handling stability and ride comfort.

Engine noise entering the cabin while accelerating or cruising has been minimized, enabling you to enjoy listening to music or having a relaxed conversation even on the highway. Quietness has been enhanced through measures such as optimizing the engine mounts to reduce engine noise, and optimal positioning of sound insulating and absorbing materials.


An energy absorbing body structure has been realized utilizing various reinforcements, such as on the under body, door impact beams and head impact protection, helping disperse impact energy and protect occupants in the event of an accident.

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