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Superb Maneuverability, Wherever You Go
Even in narrow streets and tight corners, Prado's smooth, nimble handling assures driving ease that makes you not feel the vehicle's size.


The Leading Edge in Safety
Advanced technologies for safety performance inspire your trust and peace of mind.


SRS Airbags

SRS airbags contribute to driver and passenger safety by helping to minimize impact force in certain types of collisions. Ample features include SRS curtain-shield airbags that cover all three rows in a severe side collision, and an SRS knee airbag for the driver that bolsters protection by distributing and cushioning impact on the knees in a severe frontal collision.



Active Headrests

In the event of rear-end collisions, front seats with active headrests help reduce neck impact by moving the headrest diagonally upwards to simultaneously cushion the head and back.



Blind Spot Monitor System

If a vehicle is in the outer mirrors blind spot when changing lanes, the mirror indicator turns on to alert the driver. If the turn signal is then activated, the mirror indicator flashes on and off.
* The Blind Spot Monitor System does not judge the advisability of changing lanes; its purpose is to provide the driver with information. Be sure to confirm conditions by also looking to the rear.



Emergency Brake Signal

An emergency braking signal automatically flashes the stop lamps during emergency braking to alert following drivers, helping to reduce rear-end collisions.



Pre-crash Safety System

When a collision is judged imminent due to sensor detection of an obstacle on the road ahead, the system alerts the driver by beeping and displaying a warning message. If the driver performs emergency braking, Pre-crash Brake Assist is activated to bolster braking force. When the system judges a collision to be unavoidable, Pre-crash Brakes operate to reduce the speed of collision, and tension on Pre-crash Seatbelts is increased to contribute to high occupant protection performance.
(Optional on automatic transmission models with 1GR-FE or 1KD-FTV engine)



Dynamic Radar Cruise Control System

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is an advanced system that enhances driving convenience. When traveling at a preset cruising speed, it uses millimeter wave radar to detect and monitor the vehicle ahead, regulating speed as needed to maintain a driver-defined following distance (long, medium, or short), and returning to the preset cruising speed when it detects that the vehicle ahead has changed lanes. (Optional on automatic transmission models with 1GR-FE or 1KD-FTV engine)



Pedestrian Protection

The impact-absorbing structure of the hood, fenders, and other components helps enhance safety performance in accidents involving pedestrians.



Crash Safety

An energy-absorbing body structure contributes to a high level of crash safety performance by effectively absorbing impact energy from the front, side, or rear.



Vehicle Stability Control

When driving on slippery road surfaces, VSC enhances vehicle stability by controlling engine output and braking at each wheel if sensors detect an abrupt steering operation or lateral slipping of the vehicle. In addition, Trailer Sway Control helps maintain vehicle stability when towing a trailer.